Cold Sore Remedies That Actually Work

Cold sores are red, painful, fluid-filled blisters found around the mouth and nose. They are contagious and are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1. If the sore is burst open and the fluid oozes out of the blister, it becomes highly contagious. They can be treated easily by use of natural remedies. Given below are some easy to use home remedies and you can get relief from your sores by following them.

Use of lysine

Lysine is an amino acid and is used to make protein. It can be obtained from supplements and various food sources, such as eggs, milk, cheese and fish. Lysine supplements are necessary for the duration of the sores.

Lip balms

Lemon balm is enriched with anti-viral properties. It also reduces the chances of recurrence of these sores.

The use of petroleum jelly is also beneficial against the sores. It also prevents any kind of secondary infection and accelerates healing.

Ayurvedic treatment

An ancient Asian medicine like Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, is used to strengthen the immune system. Reishi stalls the spread of herpes virus. It is available as a supplement and is known to treat the sores efficiently.

Resveratrol treatment

This is found abundantly in red grapes and is actively used to treat herpes simplex virus. Resveratrol cream suppresses the sore and stops it from developing.

Avoid rubbing

Do not rub, scratch and touch the infected area. This may spread the virus to other parts of your face and also infect other people nearby. Clean the sores with a soft cloth and use warm water to reduce the itching.

Vitamins and diet

Vitamin B and other vitamins rich in antioxidants help fight cold sores. A deficiency of vitamin B may lead to the outbreak of sores. Use vitamin B supplements to avoid such a condition.

Avoid salty and acidic foods like lemon. It may aggravate the condition and make the sore painful.

Zinc is considered to be useful in treating cold sores. Wash the sore affected area with zinc solution.

Ice treatment

Use ice on the sores to relieve the itch. Ice brings down the inflammation and treats severe sores.

Avoid stress

It is important to stay happy and avoid any kind of tension. Exercise and meditate to boost your immune system. A healthy body has less chance of getting infections.

By following the above mentioned home remedies, you can easily cure your cold sores in quick period of time.